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Posted by on Jul 2, 2011 in DOOH

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laconic luh-CON-ic  adjective
1 : using few words; expressing much in few words; concise: a laconic reply.

I am going to try and keep this one short and sweet so all you Patriots can have a splendid Independence Day celebration this weekend. Those of you in the United Kingdom: I’m glad we’ve overcome some our differences in the last 200+ years.

There have certainly been some interesting stories that have crept in this week. My personal favorite was the custom 360 LED by Barco for U2’s World Tour. The display contains over 500,000 pixels and is boasted to be the largest display ever taken on any tour. Willie Williams, U2 show designer, said about the display: “Video is the most powerful tool you can have on stage. But now that video is so ubiquitous in rock stage setting, we needed a very extreme change of canvas to be heard. The transformable LED gave us the chance to create a transparent 360° moving video element, unprecedented in this industry. It is the icing on the cake on this design.” When you are U2 you can do these sort of things, I suppose.

Dave Haynes decided to break out of the pack this week with his debut of pressDOOH–a media and communications firm for the digital signage industry. This was not surprising after our brief rendezvous at InfoComm 2009, wherein he said he had been kicking around several ideas for branching out on his own. There will always be the need for relevant content as there’s always a paucity of great written content available.

IDklic continues to roll out the Pharma Network in top Belgium pharmacy chains. My post on dental digital signage was somewhat providential given the subsequent IDklic press release. The medical sector has, in the words of Karen Carpenter, “only just begun.” CEO of IDklic, Jean-Charles Figoni, echoed these sentiments when he stated, “We believe that digital signage has great potential to create additional revenue streams for a range of brands and retailers.” Not only is this release interesting due to the niche, but it’s also of interest due to the claimed quick ROI of 12 to 16 months. Slammin! We’ll, of necessity, need to pay close attention to this sector as it continues to grow.

Finally, it looks as though Simage has been able to eek out some additional funding. The total tune: $1.4 million. Now what are you going to do with yourselves? Simage, like eCast, is targeting the bar, lounge, and restaurant crowds. After all the casinos, this seems to have been the next big “hot spot” market segment vendors have been jumping into.

Thank you for posting. I hope you enjoyed this week’s digital sign news, and a happy 4th of July to everyone!

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