Will Digital Signage Ever Become a Necessity?

Posted by on Jul 2, 2011 in DOOH

The forgoing question is often foremost in the minds of those who initially start “poking” into our industry. In fact, one of our greatest duties is evidential proof of our industry’s necessary existence. Otherwise, our extinction is eminent. Continuation of budding industries are regularly scrutinized and questioned. And, rightfully so. Providentially, we’ve the case studies and numeros as a foundation for selling the pleasant idea that digital signage works. Gaining a unanimous conviction from executive champions and tight-fisted SMB owners that we are viable is yet another Everest to pass in our maturation process.  

While we must get past the simple idea that digital signage is more than just a luxury, ideas are ultimately the nail securing the coffin. I really like the way Napoleon Hill put it, “master salesmen know that ideas can be sold where merchandise cannot. Ordinary salesmen do not know this — that is why they are ‘ordinary.'” Mr. Hill was most likely referring to ideas as business plans or better methodologies. Much of what digital signage vendors have been attempting to do is sell the idea that place-based media works. Unfortunately, we not only have to step up to the plate in “showing” that the technology is value-added, but we also necessarily have to knock it out of the park. How many of your leads have dried up over the last few months because budgets did not make room? Further still, what can the industry do to ensure we’re being more convincing of the effectiveness and the necessity of digital signage? Salesmen need to believe in their product. That said, perhaps the fault lies in our disbelief that our medium is legitimate.

If we do believe it, like many of us certainly do, it’s the next big push to get “them” to believe it. This can sometimes be difficult when companies have difficulty justifying the capital intensive outlay for hardware, software, and content is often hard for companies to justify. And, sometimes harder still is presenting and convincing C-level personnel that this medium not only has a viable ROI, but that it ups the value-added for their instit

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