Mitsubishi Electric completed Japan’s largest digital signage system

Posted by on Jun 28, 2012 in Hardware, Interactive, Software

TOKYO, Japan—Mitsubishi Electric Corporation just finished its installation of Japan’s largest digital signage system found in Narita Airport with a total of 100 display units made up of 336 display panels.

The system covers all passenger terminal areas which deliver airport news, entertainment programs and advertisements, plus the imageries of the Japanese nature in “Living Japan” and its marine life in “Aquarium Japan”.

The largest digital signage technology in the country also includes Panorama Vision, an organic light-emitting display (OLED) screen. It is the world’s first seamless and smooth 160-degree concave screen that measures an appealing size of 385 inches.

One of the features in the system also include large-scale multiple LCD screen units, with a unit consisting of 27 monitors of 46-inch display panels which totals to a 370-inch screen. A 42-inch touch screen user stations were also installed all over the passenger terminal.

The system also uses Mediaway, a video streaming system which delivers full high definition content and videos to 100 units concurrently or separately. It is also capable of changing from scheduled videos quickly to urgent information.

According to Mitsubishi Electric Corp.’s press release, the Narita International Airport did an essential study of airport information presentation and resulted to the creation of the digital signage system to be able to deliver relevant information and entertainment to waiting travelers.


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