Microsoft Kinect: Use in Gamification and Digital Out-of-Home

Posted by on Mar 10, 2011 in Advertising, Interactive

Recently the Guinness Book of World Records stated that Microsoft’s Xbox 360’s Kinect devices is the fastest growing consumer electronics product ever.

This certainly allows Microsoft to boast and gives them some uptick in their credibility which seems to have fallen of late, given the regular and seemingly continuous home runs which have been hit by Apple, Inc. Not to mention the differences in market cap which Apple has been enjoying over MSFT. The Kinect was a home run for certain which Microsoft has been able to hit out of the park.

The question that should be in everyones’ minds is, “how can we use this very unique device for other applications?” In the digital signage world, this means how can we use it for out of home media applications.

Here are a few ideas….

1. Use it for gamification for OOH displays. That’s right, encourage people to gamify their experiences when they are away from the boob tube or on the couches. This leads into another segment which everyone in the industry has been talking about namely the uptick in potential for DOOH advertising in 2011.

2. Kinect could be used to track audiences. So many opportunities, so little time. Of course, there is the privacy issue, but that will inevitably always surface with the use of these types of devices. Here are some benefits of using the Kinect device. a) It could be dumbed down, which may actually make it cheaper. b) It is small and production could be quickly scaled for DOOH (mostly because if its been scaled for consumers DOOH is easy). Finally, Microsoft needs to start getting its feet wet in this segment other than simply offering embedded systems. Why? Because Linux could become more of a standard and with the touted growth that is being realized and should continue to come in until 2016, now is the time.

3. The device could be easily integrated with a signage media player or digital LCD display. Making it available to these devices will certainly help in their sale. The more features you have, the greater your potential impact.

A note of potential importance, gamers will be all over something like this if they can see it integrated in OOH displays. Press will pick it up. People will love it. It would be an interactive media feeding frenzy. Who knows, even Gizmodo, Wired, TechCrunch or any number of sites could pick it up and run with information about what it is doing for brand awareness and brand recognition for advertisers.

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