MediaZone Pro users enjoy 50 powerful, free updates

Posted by on Jul 12, 2012 in Software

MediaZone Pro software registered owners will enjoy 50 free updates, Keywest Technology announced Thursday, July 12, in a press release.

The latest update has a lot of interesting enhancements, new functions and features that enables the application to be more flexible in creating crawls for weather and stock information. MediaZone Pro version also has a better access to RSS feeds that can be used to present information and content for various digital signage crawls.

Some updates also include enhancements to its Media ticker feature. It now has preset weather crawls that can be put anywhere on the screen while custom images are also backed-up with weather crawls to attract attention swiftly to adjusting conditions.

Stock quotes’ automated crawls can now be arranged in modified symbols, and the updated ones can be graphically presented to look more engaging and easier to understand.

The updates, according to Keywest Technology President Nick Nichols, will improve users’ workflow, deliver more functional flexibility and provide them with more tools for editing content and managing schedules.

This latest version of MediaZone Pro is very easy to use, allowing the users to create endless flow of new content for free. It also has a bigger control over the use of RSS feeds through a good preview of the selected feed. It also supports legacy RSS formats.

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