Latest 2015 Product Roadmap

Posted by on Feb 25, 2015 in Features, Hardware, Interactive

2015 is shaping up to be another great year. I recognize it’s been a while since we last posted to the blog, but we’ve been extremely busy on several feature and product additions. In addition, we’ve been working directly with clients on some fairly interesting projects at the close of 2014 and on in to 2015.

As part of our commitment to keep on the industry’s cutting-edge and to stay on top of our client needs, we’re pleased to provide you with an update of our most recent product roadmap and release schedule for the software over the coming months. As always, this roadmap is subject to change, but we’ve some exciting features in the hopper.

  • FasterQueue: seamless integration of Digital Signage and customer line / queue system including queue management, mobile integration and much more.
  • mediaADNET / Advertising Engine v2: a completely re-factored Ad engine that’s based on HTML5 / run everywhere technology.
  • mediaTOUCH: a revolutionary approach to Kiosk / Touch with Digital Signage. Easy to use, WYSIWYG, GPU powered, cross OS touch solution, loaded with new components, back end management and much much more.
  • Google Chromium powered by Node Web Kit inside the SignagePlayer: Allows for bleeding edge development of HTML5, JavaScript, WebGL, Player side components, cross OS with local caching, cookies, SDK / API with Pepper SDK integration
  • HTML5 open source components: a slew of new components based on the new Node Web Kit
  • New mediaPLAYERs: a new family of Atom and X86 based hardware players
  • TV integration: support for a new family of TV based signage players
  • Micro enhancements, bug fixes and mini improvements in UX

We’ll continue to keep you apprised of all the latest and greatest features and releases coming your way through 2015.

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