Introducing MediaSignage Powered by AWS CloudFront

Posted by on Oct 30, 2015 in Insight

Today we’re happy to announce SignageStudio powered by AWS CloudFront. By integrating with Amazon’s proprietary Content Delivery Network, we can now provide an enhanced experienced for both free and premium customers alike. The greatest benefit is the massive (600%+) boost in upload/download speeds across our network of AWS powered servers. This will significantly improve users’ speed in access and deploying content assets across networks with no increase in cost to our clients.

Here’s the full release:

MediaSignage, Inc. Announces Rollout with AWS CloudFront, Improving Digital Signage Content Download Speeds by Over 600%

Provider of enterprise and entry-level digital signage hardware and software,, is excited to announce the server-wide rollout and implementation of AWS CloudFront. The move provides enhanced speed and delivery of uploaded and downloaded content through the company’s mediaCLOUD and mediaHYBRID software offerings.

By utilizing Amazon’s content delivery web service, MediaSignage can now distribute content to end client digital signage players with little to no latency and at extremely high speeds. In addition to adding the AWS CloudFront service, MediaSignage is eating the marginal cost of adding CloudFront and passing all the benefits on to the end clients for the same monthly hosting rates.

“We are excited to offer new and existing customers the ability to tap the powerful Content Delivery Network (CDN) provided by AWS CloudFront,” says Sean Levy, CEO. “This rollout is critical to provide digital signage operators the ability to more quickly publish content to thousands of displays around the globe.”

Perhaps the greatest benefit to MediaSignage customers is the ability for users to experience some of the fastest upload and download speeds available on the market today. The company expects the changes will have the greatest impact on some international users where distance latency can have a slowing effect on the data transfer speeds. The CDN provides an interim fix in countries where MediaSignage may not have locally-racked servers present.

“With the functionality of AWS CloudFront end users will see a difference in the upload/download speeds of some of their most asset-intensive high-definition video content,” Levy says. “We’re confident the added speed benefit will greatly improve the user experience of many of our existing users.”

About MediaSignage, Inc.

MediaSignage, Inc. was founded in 2008 with the intent to provide business owners with easy and affordable access to digital signage software and hardware. The company’s free and premium products provide digital signage content and hosting support for tens of thousands of digital displays in over 130 countries. With some of the nation’s most recognizable Fortune 1000 brands as customers, the company provides expert and premium support to nearly any sized organization the world over.

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