Industry Spammer

Posted by on Jul 1, 2011 in Blogger, Industry, International

Normally, I don’t like spam, but there is one blanket spammer I quite enjoy. It’s our Clippings friend Mr. James Van Etten. I’m not really into male enhancement emails or sleek, imitation Rolex watches, but James’ daily email is great. There are always interesting pieces I glean from the internal links he sends out. From Van Etten’s website: 

Clippings is a daily collection of news links from the media and digital signage industry. This collection sent direct to subscribers by e-mail once a day. We check on the average of 30,000 industry websites and blogs each day.

The digital signage industry, now dynamically advancing at an-ever increasing pace calling for daily updates for entrepreneurs. This technology is advancing at a blinding speed constantly opening new markets and opportunities. CEO’s and Sales staff need to remain abreast of the market to remain in business.

To subscribe to Van Etten’s “Clippings” visit his website at

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