How to Use Digital Signage for Your Summer Marketing Plans

Posted by on May 30, 2016 in Insight

While Memorial Day weekend is a time to honor the men and women who give up their freedom to fight for ours, to honor the veterans who gave up their lives for ours, and to celebrate patriotism, it is also a time that marks the beginning of the summer.

In addition to our nation’s great heroes, businesses of all shapes and sizes also power our nation and contribute to our economy.

Although Memorial Day has come and gone, summer is officially less than 25 days away. Have you decided on how you are going to market your business this summer?

Read on to learn on how you can use digital signage for your summer marketing plans.

Product Marketing vs. Content Marketing

First, businesses must decide to whom they are marketing to: businesses or consumers. And, yes, this does matter. All marketing goals should be targeted to an audience.

For example, if your desired and target customer is another business, then you are likely to market your product and/or service differently than if you were targeting a customer, and vice versa.

With that being said, we look at the differences between product marketing and content marketing, and how your business can take advantage of digital signage as an effective marketing medium for both.

Product Marketing

Forbes defines product marketing as the promotion of a specific product or service through some medium, with the clear intention of pitching that product to an end user via traditional marketing methods or digital marketing methods. One of the most popular forms of digital marketing today is digital signage.

Content Marketing

By taking advantage of digital signage, businesses and marketers can then strategize and create ad contents in order to deliver a message about a product or service that will attract the right target audience. There are several ways in which to do this, including:

  • Use creative tactics – How can your business deliver your brand’s message creatively to your target audience? By thinking outside the box, and using “power words”, your business can create creative ad packages to deliver to your audiences.
  • Play on emotions – One of the key components in developing a content marketing strategy is by creating content that plays on a customer’s emotions. Find that emotional connection creatively with your customers through the power of words and a powerful and interactive platform.
  • Don’t forget about the numbers – While it’s important to develop a content strategy that is also data-driven and measured with KPIs, it’s also important to remember that sometimes success goes beyond the numbers.

When thinking about your business’s summer marketing plans, it’s also important to remember that it’s okay to push content and your brand via multiple marketing mediums.

For example, if your business is accustomed to traditional marketing methods, such as direct mail campaigns, it’s okay to also push your content through digital marketing methods, too, especially if a large percentage of your target audience is comprised of millennials.

Read more about content marketing versus product marketing here.

Put the Sizzle in Your Summer Marketing Plans with Digital Signage

Finally, after considering whom your target audience is, and considering how you can promote your products and/or services this summer, digital signage should be a marketing medium.

Digital signage is an affordable, flexible, and convenient approach to effectively delivering content to a target audience, regardless of whether your business is B2B or B2C.

Digital signage can help put the sizzle in your summer marketing plans.

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