How to Use Digital Signage for Storytelling

Posted by on May 13, 2016 in Insight

The digital marketing landscape is a living organism; it continues to change and shift with every passing year. In fact, some marketers believe that the term “digital marketing” will eventually die away, as the world of content marketing embraces more human psychology and storytelling.

Bringing the Human Story to Life on the Big Screen

As the second quarter of 2016 unfolds, more and more marketers are redefining the content they share via their preferred and most effective marketing channels. When considering digital signage, there’s more to the equation than pixels and technology.

Screen quality and resolution are important not only for audience visibility, but also for your business’s brand. After all, first impressions are always important. Content is the other key ingredient to an effective and successful digital marketing campaign.

By telling your brand’s story, you advance your content to a new level. Telling a story can mean how your business began, how you made a difference in a customer’s life, or even how you overcame a challenge that made your business stronger.

Of course, if you are using digital signage as a marketing channel, you don’t have a ton of time or room to write a novel, but you can advertise content that promotes your business and encourages your audience to read a blog, social media post or other content channel that tells your story.

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How We Seek Information

Another factor to consider when thinking about adjusting your content strategy is how we seek information today. For example, as technology continues to advance, how we do business and how we reach our audiences and potential customers also needs to advance.

Today, when consumers are looking to purchase something specific, they rely on the Internet. Furthermore, most customers and buyers rely on their phones or other mobile devices to research a product or service or even call a company for more information. Sometimes this is even easier and more accessible than relying on others for information.

As a result, marketers and companies need to change the way they present information to customers and audiences, which means changing their content strategy. By adjusting and fine-tuning your content strategy, and using digital signage as a way to promote that content and boost your brand, you increase your chances for not only reaching your customers and buyers more effectively, but gaining a competitive edge. Remember, everyone has a unique story to tell, so use digital signage to tell yours.

Share Your Story with Digital Signage

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