How to Syndicate Ads and Content with Digital Signage

Posted by on May 9, 2016 in Insight

There are many moving parts in any digital marketing: lead generation, attribution, automation and content. All these areas play a crucial role in the lean marketing funnel. But while each area serves its own unique purpose in the larger marketing funnel, they are also integrated with one another.

However, just because a business or network owner integrates technology into their marketing strategies doesn’t simply mean they are automated. No. When we talk about marketing automation we are talking about using both ads and content, and creating a synergy between the two that results in lead generation, retention, and revenue.

Start with Goals

The first step is always defining goals. You can’t craft a compelling marketing strategy without first defining goals. This is like starting a diet or exercise plan without determining a desired goal weight.

Each area of marketing should have a unique goal, and your strategy should not only define each goal, but also have a plan in place in order to reach that goal.

Buyer Behaviors

Once you have your goals in line, the next step is to study buyer patterns and behaviors. Because only then can you truly fine-tune your marketing strategy that will effectively reach your audience so that you can in turn reach your marketing goals.

Content Platform

Once you have determined your buyers’ patterns and behaviors, now you can create ad contents based on this data. But churning creative content is only half the battle; the other half is delivery. In order to nail down both content and delivery, you need a platform that manages delivery in order to boost engagement levels.

Learn more about using a digital signage content management system.

Allocate Budgets

Now that we’ve got the first three pieces in line, now we can talk about budgets. For those who are just making the switch from traditional marketing methods and mediums to digital marketing, it’s important to align and allocate your marketing budget to include both advertising and content based on your goals.

Read more about how to allocate your advertising dollars to content.

Digital Signage Syndication

In order to make both advertising and content work, you need a digital media medium: digital signage.

Think about how your ads and content can work together and enhance one another. How can you meet prospective customers where they are, and what’s the best way to do that? Sometimes it takes a little “syndication” of both…

Advertisers can use a digital signage platform in order to touch upon all areas of marketing effectively, driving results.

Syndication simplified.

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