How to Successfully Deliver in a Digital Dynasty

Posted by on Feb 1, 2016 in Displays, DOOH, Insight

We live in a digital dynasty today. Everywhere we turn, TVs, device screens, and even refrigerator doors, technology dominates what we see and even how we interact. This is in the eye of the consumer, of course.

In the world of marketing, companies are constantly competing with one another to be the first to get in the customer’s face in effort to really make an impact on their buyer journeys and purchase decisions.

But remember…the brightest sign doesn’t always light up the customer’s life.

Rather than focusing solely on methods to blast your brand, maybe it’s time to hone in on identifying possibilities and opportunities to use digital signage to enhance the user experience. Read more about putting customer psychology into perspective with digital signage here.

Here are some key focus areas that will allow businesses to utilize digital signage in a way that is more impactful and less overwhelming.

Start with Software. Digital signage software should make marketers’ lives easier. Many SaaS companies out there promise their customers that their software is user-friendly. However, when marketers excitedly sit down to use their new software like a child opening up his Christmas gift, it is only then that they discover that accessing their software’s dashboard isn’t as intuitive as promised…

In order to start an effective campaign off right, spend some time doing research to really find the best software that not only operates behind your digital signage, but that also tracks data, providing you, the marketer, with effective insights, which can help you tweak your campaign as necessary down the line…

If software seems like an odd place to start, think about it: You should be able to track the results of your campaign immediately. This is one of the beauties behind software as a whole. Once you’ve got a system in place, then you can focus on people.

Don’t Mistake Your Message. Marketers are often in such a rush to blast a message in an instant in effort to reach the customer before a competitor does. But this approach can sometimes lead to some pretty undesirable results. In some worst-case scenarios, it can even have some devastating results, which can cost a company their brand…all because of a simple mistake.

The lesson to be learned here is that marketers should put in more time and effort on crafting their ultimate message to their audiences. Remember, the goal is to reach your audience, not push them farther away…or into the hands of your competitors.

Perfecting Projection Before Publishing. So we’ve talked about how to track campaign results. We’ve talked about crafting a compelling error-free message, now let’s talk about projection. Consumers are easily overwhelmed and easily distracted, which can prove to be a challenge for digital signage marketers. The key here is to think about projection in effort to enhance UX. Think about how your message and your brand are being projected to the user. What kind of message are you trying to send—both figuratively and literally? Are you effectively getting that message across in the appropriate context in which you are projecting?

The key to success here is to take a step back and really focus on how your message might appear to your audience before publishing.

We already know that 2016 is shaping up to be a big year for digital signage. From shifts in LED technology to constantly improving software, marketers have their word cut out for them. But we ourselves can’t get overwhelmed, even though we are programmed to do so in our “digital dynasty”. Check out here to read more about LED technology and how it is used in digital signage.

However, taking a step back and looking at a campaign’s goal and how it might appear to your audience will allow you to not only guarantee your marketing ROI but it will also effectively enhance UX.

To learn more about digital signage and how you can master your message as well as utilize the best possible software for your team and your audience, contact the experts at Digital Signage today.

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