How to Jazz Up Your Visual Marketing with Digital Signage

Posted by on Aug 1, 2016 in Insight

Through the rise of digital marketing, we’ve seen various strategies, ranging from social media to PPC ads all created to reach one goal: too boost marketing reach. However, as time goes on, we are constantly seeing shifts in marketing trends. Yesterday content marketing was king. Today visual content is overthrowing the digital marketing kingdom.

Rather than overthrowing the kingdom, visual content is becoming a large part of content marketing. So in reality, the two work together. But just when you think you finally got this content marketing thing figured out, visual marketing is quickly becoming a prime digital marketing asset in any campaign.

The good news is there are a number of cost effective resources available to help businesses jazz up their visual marketing. One such example is digital signage. Read on to learn some ways you can jazz up your visual marketing with digital signage.

The Brains Behind the Operation – The first element that needs to be considered when organizing your visual marketing is how the human brain works. No, this isn’t anatomy class, but understanding a little bit about how the brain responds to visual content is crucial.

Firstly, sight is our strongest sense. In fact, according to Gerald C. Kane and Alexandra in their MIT Sloan Management Review, “…90 percent of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and 40 percent of nerve fibers to the brain are connected to the retina.”

There you have it. Even though our society is made up of various types of learners—tactical, auditory, and visual—most of us are wired to crave visual content.

Visit this site here to learn more about how the brain responds to visual content.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Views – Now that we understand the importance of visual content, the next step is to use platforms that promote and blast this content. For example, businesses can show pictures, videos, and other images in their ad contents and blast them via digital signage.

Another option is to review your social media analytics and data to see which images and content created the most engagement and impressions. From there, you can creatively use those images and photos and create new ad contents for your digital display.

If you don’t use social media much in your digital campaign, there are other options. You can bring product descriptions to life with photos and images and even use infographics.

Keep it Newsworthy – If you’re out of ideas for visual content, why not hit the news? You can use media news, world news, industry news or business news in your campaign.

The only area of caution is to avoid news that is about “death and destruction”. Keep your newsworthy content light, airy, and interesting. Remember, the idea is to engage your audience and attract them, not scare them away or give off any kind of “negative” tone or culture as this will have the adverse effects on your campaign.

One of the greatest benefits to using digital signage to amplify your visual content is the numerous and potentially massive opportunities that businesses can take advantage of.

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