How to Incorporate Your Brand in Digital Signage

Posted by on Feb 11, 2016 in Insight

How businesses display their brands—on their websites, social media, print advertising, and even digital signage—is more important than ever today. As Google continues to alter their algorithms, as content technologies shift and change, marketers need to keep up with the trends and learn to be flexible along with them…without losing sight of their organization’s brand.

Challenging? You bet.

But here we discuss some ways you can keep up with the trends and shifts in technology, IoT, and digital signage, and still effectively displaying your brand to your audiences.

Why is brand important in a digital signage marketing strategy?

If you are a traditional marketer, then you are probably wondering why digital signage is even important to your brand—or vice versa! The fact is digital signage plays a prime role in marketers’ abilities to connect and engage with their audiences—and in real-time.

But this requires thinking like a brand manager, and here are some tips on how to do that effectively and efficiently, without sacrificing your brand’s image:

  • Manage your messages. When using digital signage, marketers and organizations have access to their audiences literally at the tips of their fingers by using a content management dashboard integrated with their digital signage software and technology. But remember that with great power comes great responsibility. Make sure your messages to your audiences are still clear, organized, and coherent. They should be actionable, memorable, and stick to your company’s brand.
  • The Relevancy factor. One rule behind content management in any capacity is the relevancy factor. Stick to sharing messages and content that is relevant and even “hits home” with your audience.
  • Stick to core values. Your business is in business for a reason, right? Of course. It’s important to stick to your company’s mission and core values even through branding and marketing. That includes with digital signage. Whenever drafting any type of content or message, marketers should stop and think about how that message ties to the company’s brand.
  • Communication is key. Yes, your job is to communicate and connect with your audience. But your communication should also be tied to your content, which should be a visual representation of your organization’s brand. For example, however you choose to broadcast or advertise an offer, promotion, or a general announcement to your audience, your company’s communication is ultimately tied to its brand; therefore, it’s important to think about content, context, and communication together.


How does your business make someone’s life easier?

If you are new to digital marketing, or maybe you have a background as a traditional marketing and you are slowly shifting to digital marketing, you may be unsure of where and how to embrace digital signage, without losing sight of your brand. If this sounds like you, then take a step back and think of how your business makes someone’s life easier. From there, you can then ask yourself how you make this clear in your message.

Finally, organize content, context, communication, and messages according to these questions, and publish!

For more information on how you can use digital signage in your marketing plan, contact the expert team at Digital Signage today.

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