How Organizations Can Use Digital Signage Internally

We’ve talked a lot about the benefits of using digital signage as a part of a marketing campaign and strategy. From using it as a resource to manage and disperse content to delighting and engaging customers to lead generation and nurturing and to endless display advertising possibilities, digital signage certainly has a long list of benefits and advantages.

While we’ve talked a great deal about the external, outputs of digital signage, what about internal purposes? For example, how can a company use digital signage internally to delight staff and employees?

WOWing the Workforce

The truth is organizations are starting to learn the benefits of digital signage, and want it for various reasons and purposes. Digital signage is a great way to keep staff and employees updated on organizational events, building maps, and even news stories. Besides, why can’t internal users of the workforce experience the WOW factor?

Here are some creative ways departments can use digital signage:

Human Resources Becomes “Human”. HR departments in various organized have used digital signage for recruiting purposes, share information on open enrollment, benefits, and organizational events. The use of digital signage has providing highly convenient and effective communication for all employees.

More Manufacturing Management and Metrics. Although manufacturing departments and companies seem “old school” or even “antique” or outdated departments that have been replaced by technology, the truth is digital signage has proven to successfully reach these teams in innovative and creative ways, such as using displays to communicate production data analytics and performance.

Other Operational Opportunities. Businesses of all shapes and sizes today can benefit from digital signage. Even business operations and management can use digital signage to track performance analytics (such as KPIs), use it as a automation tool to communicate with management teams, and to even improve efficiency and boost productivity across the organization.

Picking Up Production. Finally, one of the top reasons why organizations have adopted the use of digital signage is productivity. Digital signage has proven to boost productivity across all organizational teams and departments. Productivity leads to performance…and digital signage can help that simply by opening the doors of communication.

Digital signage has many “hands” in various organizations and industries. Having both “internal” and “external” functions and purposes makes digital signage an “ambidextrous” mode of marketing and communications that boosts productivity and improves performance.

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For more information on digital signage and how your organization can use it for marketing through manufacturing, contact the expert digital signage team here to get started today.

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