How Hospitals Are Using Digital Signage

Posted by on Apr 12, 2016 in Insight

It’s no secret that digital is leaving massive footprints in various industries. In fact, the chances of you noticing a digital display while driving on a highway, using public transportation or visiting a restaurant are higher today than they have ever been.

One industry we are going to exam a little bit more closely today is the health care industry. More and more hospitals across the nation are embracing digital signage, and even using content marketing in some pretty creative ways. Additionally, in their efforts, hospitals are also quickly learning the marketing and communication benefits to using digital signage.

Read to learn more about how hospitals are using digital signage to engage health care providers, workers, and even patients.

Patients prefer digital signage.

One study conducted by MedCenterDisplay shows that three out of four patients found digital signage useful when visiting a hospital. Furthermore, this same study showed that the information and content the hospitals displayed on the digital displays actually enhanced the hospital visit and experience. Not only did digital signage capture the attention of visitors and patients, most found the information and content helpful, and many claimed they learned something new.

So what does this tell hospitals?

Content is just important as the digital display.

Many hospitals are using content, not solely for marketing purposes, but also to engage visitors and patients. In fact, 77 percent of hospitals believe that content increases patient loyalty and engagement.

Learn more about how hospitals are embracing content marketing here.

Automated Digital Signage is a Cure-All.

In addition to engaging patients’ engagement levels and capturing their attention, hospitals have learned that managing automated messages and digital content locally or remotely is a huge benefit to reaching out to patients and visitors.

Digital signage also gives hospitals the ability to manage content and ads to be displayed in specific areas. For example, the content displayed in waiting areas would include general hospital information, a news ticker, the weather, and even a map of the hospital. In another example, with the help of digital signage, hospitals can also control the content displayed on display screens in various departments.

Digital signage has proven to be a “cure-all” for getting information to visitors, patients, health care workers and various departments. Studies have also shown that this form of communication has been much more effective than print materials. In our digitally driven era, digital signage is winning.

The Future Looks Bright.

The health care industry has been a struggling industry for some time. Hospitals struggle with the high health care costs, Obama Care, and even staff shortages. However, by embracing digital signage, patients and visitors are not only engaged, but they are also becoming more loyal.

Hospitals are quickly learning the benefits to using digital signage as a communication tool and even in their marketing strategies. Even new hospitals are including digital signage in their construction plans.

For more information on how you can embrace digital signage in your own market and space, contact the expert team at Digital Signage today.

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