How Fresh is Your Content?

Posted by on Oct 25, 2013 in Advertising, Content

Without getting too cliche, there is almost no way to oversell the need for good, quality and engaging content for your digital sign. Poor content is as ineffective for a digital signage network as placing the sign in a closet–it simply doesn’t work. We could use countless real-world examples where a decently-installed screen with good foot traffic was completely overlooked. Here are a number of ways to ensure your content is fresh, engaging and attracts the audience in the desired fashion.

1. Make sure the content is HIGH quality. Nothing turns people away faster than a MSFT PPT presentation with moving clipart. We’ve actually seen patrons complain, harass and make fun of poorly executed digital signage content. Just a few thoughts on content that works:

  • Avoid ALL static. It’s okay to include static images, but it shouldn’t make up the bulk of the content included on the display.
  • Resolution should be high def. If people are used to seeing it at home, they’ll expect it from a commercially-installed digital display.
  • Expect and respond to open critique. Critique is a positive thing because it means you can improve. Roll with the punches on meaningful feedback.

2. Change it up as frequently as needed. Change doesn’t have to occur as frequently as possible, but at least as frequently as needed. This requirement will differ depending on the venue and audience, but take measure to ensure the content is frequently updated to ensure the audience isn’t bored or ultimately annoyed. If it’s evergreen, keep it, but tweak it. If you have content that should last a lifetime, it is okay to keep it on the display, but change the rotation from time to time.

3. Try A/B testing. Sometimes I’ve personally been surprised at the type of content that performs well after we’ve provided A/B testing on the response rates with the content. I’m surprised that sometimes poorer content performs better. Not always, but sometimes. Hence, test what you have, rotate it around and test again. It will give you a gauge of what the audience demands in order for an engagement sufficient to make them move.

There are more ways to get it wrong than there are to get it right.

So test, lather, rinse and repeat.


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