How Digital Signage Solutions Can Help Marketers Improve Their Digital Marketing Skills

Posted by on Jan 28, 2017 in Insight

Marketing isn’t what it was ten years ago or even five years ago for that matter. With how quickly the digital marketing industry shifts and changes, especially with all the advancements of technology and data, marketers struggle to keep up. In fact, according to HubSpot, half of all marketing new hires will require a wealth of new digital marketing skills.

We already know that digital skills, such as using analytics to interpret key marketing insights and make more informed marketing and business decisions is key for success in 2017. However, in this article we are going to take that one step further and help marketers apply these skills (and more) in their digital media marketing strategies.

Amping Up Your Marketing Ad Analytics. Today there is a big marketing push for data and analytics. In fact, almost every marketing position requires knowledge of some analytics platform. Reaching audiences and target markets effectively requires sifting through, collecting, organizing and analyzing large amounts of data.

However, with a digital signage platform, for example, marketers are no longer required to be data scientists in order to manage a successful digital media campaign. A robust digital signage platform, such as mediaADNET is user friendly, easy to navigate the ins and outs of the platform, and is a simple, comprehensive solution for managing, storing, and organizing ad contents and packages, providing much more value to marketers and business owners by making a huge impact on the overall performance of a digital signage campaign.

Video in a “Box”. Video is in for 2017. Online video marketing, including live video is consuming many marketing professionals and businesses. We saw this trend begin to emerge in 2016 on almost every major social media network and platform, and now we are beginning to

see it in digital signage campaigns. Businesses that opt to stream live video via their digital displays not only immediately grab the attention of their audience, but it also a great way to communicate with their fans, followers, readers and prospects.

By utilizing a robust digital signage ad management program, users can easily upload videos taken from their Smartphones or other devices and even use a digital signage player and platform that provides high quality video resolution, such as mediaBOX models.

According to Amber van Moessner, Director of Content at Livestream “Audiences spend more time with live video, and are willing to show up, participate, and join the conversation on social media more so than with VOD (video on demand) or blog content.”

All in all, marketers and businesses today need to be prepared for the new world of digital marketing in order to maintain their competitive edge and survive. They should be ready to create high-quality live videos for audiences and ready to take advantage of digital signage technology and equipment and on-screen talent for a bigger and brighter 2017.

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