How Digital Signage Has Changed Marketing

Posted by on Aug 12, 2017 in Insight

The marketing technology or commonly known as the “martech” age is reshaping marketing as we know it. Although technology has arguably made marketing more challenging, complex, expensive and easier in some aspects, it has also forced organizations and companies to take a good, hard look at their current marketing strategies and leverage new resources to support what’s working, grab hold of new opportunities, and dump what isn’t working.

The Digital Signage Growth

Digital signage is one example of marketing technology that has gained momentum in various industries and that has proved to be a resource that isn’t going away anytime soon… In fact, digital signage is now worth approximately $16 billion worldwide with corporate locations and outdoor digital signage being the biggest sectors.

Digital signage has quickly grown from once being a luxurious “wow” factor to becoming commonplace and even an expectation. Today’s consumers expect to walk into a store or restaurant and see a digital screen or to use digital menu boards. Additionally, interactive kiosks are on the rise, particularly in North America.

New Expectations

As a result, digital signage is becoming an integral part in the design or remodel of any facility. For example, restaurants, retail stores, hospitals and even local gyms or fitness centers all have digital screens. Places that do not use digital signage will quickly become seen as outdated, obsolete or old-fashioned (rather than “retro”). Consumers will likely draw nearer to those locations that do offer digital signage, bringing their business to the competition.

Many companies and organizations adopting digital signage into their physical locations, making it a star player in their marketing strategies. As more and more companies develop software and equipment to support it, we can only expect to see further innovation, development, and advancements in digital signage in the not-too-distant future.

The Concept of Lifestyle Marketing

Lifestyle marketing is one of the top buzzwords in marketing today. Lifestyle marketing refers to how well a company knows its customers’ values and how they show their customers how brands fit within their lifestyles. However, brands have focused less on pushing customers to buy and more on developing relationships with them based on what they truly care about.

Although brands have struggled with trying to find the best approach to reaching and connecting with their customers, digital signage has become an effective channel. Through the power of digital signage, brands can showcase their products, interact with customers, and show customers through online communities and even while walking down the street how brands fit into the lives of their customers.

All in all, digital signage is an effective marketing medium that fits into all areas of marketing today, including the “martech” age, lifestyle marketing, and to also market to millennials, which has proved to be yet another challenge for today’s brands. By adopting digital signage, marketers can not only light up their customers’ worlds but also gain a competitive edge.

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