How Digital Signage Drives the Customer Experience in the Auto Industry

Posted by on Jan 14, 2017 in Insight

In today’s digital day and age, we’ve seen digital media, signage, and technology pop up in and transform various industries. Retail, restaurants, healthcare and education are just a few industries that have implemented digital signage into their daily operations and marketing strategies successfully, and have seen immense results and have made a positive impact on the customer experience.

However, one industry that is a little behind the times is the automotive industry. The need and demand for a digital, interactive customer experience is necessary today. For example, static signs, posters, and print materials are no longer cutting it. Dealership showrooms and auto service garages need to up their game by giving digital signage a “test drive” for their customers.

Furthermore, studies show that 88 percent of customers prefer doing business with or interacting with a brand that provides a heightened and quality experience for customers rather than businesses that do not.

Driving Up Digital Displays

So what can auto dealerships and auto mechanics and service businesses do to drive up their digital displays? Here are some ways the auto industry can implement digital signage:

  • Outdoor Digital Signage – Large LED displays installed on a dealership’s property or digital billboards and signage on main roadways and highways can also reach drivers quickly and create a high impact experience as they drive by.
  • Digital Screens – Large digital screens can also be placed strategically throughout a dealership’s show room and waiting room, which can help keep customers entertained with up-to-date on news, weather, social media and other information while they wait.Dealerships can also use digital screens to showcase product and service promotions, offers, new inventory, dealership news and other relevant marketing messages.Digital signage media and technology can also be customized to fit any dealership showroom. For example, digital screens can be designed in various formats to fit walls, content, and video streams.
  • Digital Kiosks – Digital kiosks are a great tool for customers who need auto service. Customers can bring in their vehicles for service, check in at the kiosk, check for periodic service updates, and much more all through various touch-friendly and interactive digital technology.In fact, studies have also shown that today’s customers prefer to use an interactive display that provides them with up-to-date information on available models, recall information, product updates and much more. The majority of customers see the value and efficiency in using an interactive, self-service resource for finding their own information.

Digital Signage Fuels the Driver’s Experience

All in all, there are a number of benefits to implementing digital signage and media in auto dealership showrooms and auto service locations. As much as customers enjoy the speed of their own vehicles, they also enjoy the speed and efficiency of a digital self-service resource or other interactive experience while shopping or repairing their vehicles.

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