How Digital Signage Can Help with Account-Based Marketing

Posted by on Apr 24, 2016 in Digital Marketing, Insight

Marketing is a constantly changing industry. Think about how much it has changed in the last decade. With improvements and enhancements in technology, marketing continues to change and shift… and digital signage is responsible for some of those shifts.

But even after getting through the first quarter of 2016, we are about to see a new shift to account-based intelligent marketing.

Automation and Personalization

With technology and “automated” strategies seemingly running our marketing today, that “personalized” feeling customers crave is often lost. Marketing automation manages emails, phone calls, follow-ups, and even pushing and publishing ads can all be automated. As a result, this area has become one of the biggest challenges in marketing and sales.

The Gap Between Sales and Marketing

Digital signage and digital advertising are another area of marketing that can be automated, but without losing that “personalized” feeling. Yes, digital ads and displays are an “automated” way to publish a promotion, offer or another piece of content to customers or a target audience. However, by combining forces with your sales team after leads start calling, this can help close the gap between sales and marketing, and convert leads into customers by giving them the personalized attention they crave.

An Intuitive Platform

By partnering with Digital Signage for your digital advertising, you get access to a free tool that allows users to automate their ad content and pushing various ads across a network of display screens and locations. Effective? Yes. Personal? Maybe not as much…

But there is a solution.

In addition to using an intuitive platform to streamline and automate your marketing processes and ad packages, there are also search functions within the system to help sales and marketing teams search for available customers within a specific target area.

While the platform isn’t designed as a CRM, it’s a great starting point. The software will arm sales with the proper information to serve as a starting point for which to make calls, if that’s how your sales process operates.

While most are under the impression that digital signage is designed more for consumers rather than businesses, companies can make digital signage work for any sector with a little creativity…and personalization.

By using digital signage and reliable software, sales teams can begin converting calls to customers by offering them that personalized attention, assisting leads by providing solutions, especially if they are larger accounts in the B2B sector. And this is all because your marketing began with digital signage, and an intuitive platform.

The Future of Marketing

So is the future of marketing upon us? Maybe. But as technology continues to grow, change, and improve, we likely haven’t even seen the start of it. But one thing is for sure: The future of marketing is bright with digital signage.

To learn more about how you can use digital signage for marketing and sales, and to learn more about using our software for FREE, contact the expert team at Digital Signage today.

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