How Digital Signage Can Create a Synergy Between Sales and Marketing

Posted by on Jun 29, 2016 in Insight

We’ve talked a great deal about the important role technology plays in sales and marketing today. Most businesses have figured out the value behind technology as well as the unique value it provides to them. But the truth is technology isn’t a cure-all for all business-related challenges. Some core challenges come down to organization.

For example, most sales and marketing teams work in their own ways, independent from each other. In what relationship does two separate partners work and effectively reach the same goal or synergy? You’re right. The answer is none…

Syncing with Sales

Now, take a good, hard look at your sales and marketing teams. Do they work together? Could improvements be made? This is where technology can come in and save the day. Getting your sales and marketing teams on board with digital signage technology can not only create a synergy between the two, but also work to boost more sales.

Yes, sales and marketing are two different skill sets, but they complement and align with each other, and with technology in between them, businesses can almost guarantee a well-rounded, organized, and streamlined process that will ultimately boost overall growth.

The Digital Signage Difference

Digital signage technology can help businesses stay at the forefront of customers’ minds. Digital signage technology is an effective way to generate leads, expand and attract your audience, and simply get the word out about your business—your existence—and close more sales. After all, that’s what it’s all about, right?

So let’s say you already know all about the perks and benefits of technology to your business. You know that technology will enable sales and marketing teams to analyze data and other digital metrics to track leads, sales, and overall performance.

However, most businesses would also agree that this is a challenge. What exactly are digital metrics telling you? By analyzing digital metrics intelligently with digital signage technology and software, sales and marketing teams are able to focus on the bigger picture, which translates into the following questions:

  • What media was used?
  • Which digital display spaces generated the most responses?
  • Which call to action converted to leads, and for what service?
  • Which campaign did the ad belong to?
  • Was the content displayed on a discount, offer, promotion or a newsworthy event?

Creating a “Smarketing” Synergy

We all know the vital role technology plays in business and in our society today. Our digitally driven era is more high powered and fast-paced than ever. In order for businesses to keep up, beat their competition, and stay fresh in customers’ minds, sales and marketing teams need to work together and create a synergy with each other and with technology. With both teams well versed in digital signage technology, sales and marketing teams can work together, close the gap in communication, harvest and nurture leads, close more deals, and boost sales.

Digital signage technology can help make that happen.


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