How Digital Signage Can Boost Your Reputation

Posted by on Aug 18, 2016 in Advertising, Digital Billboards, Social Media

In today’s business world and environment, thinking about reputation management as a reactive approach to a crisis or customer incident is no longer efficient. Rather, reputation management should be a proactive approach to maintaining a competitive advantage, an opportunity to grow and prosper, and a strategic asset that puts a “face” to your business’s name. This is known as reputation marketing.

Reputation Management vs. Reputation Marketing: Explained

Reputation marketing can be tackled at various angles. For example, in our digitally driven world, consumers have complete and instant access to a wealth of information and data at their fingertips. Therefore, businesses should be thinking more seriously about how they manage their reputations before there is a problem.

Furthermore, a business’s “reputation”, consists of mentions, comments, recommendations and reviews across a universe of online applications, such as social media. However, as social media has grown and shaped to become a communication tool and resource, many businesses have used social media as an avenue to solve problems rather than use it as a tool to create value and spark delightful, helpful conversations with an audience.

Visit this site here to read more about reputation management versus reputation marketing.

The Role of Digital Display Spaces and Networks

So what does this all have to do with digital signage? Businesses can use digital signage and their network of digital display spaces also as a resource and tool to create value in reputation marketing.

For example, businesses should think about their marketing and reputation as one entity. Therefore, for those businesses that currently use digital signage as an effective marketing medium and platform, they should also be thinking about how they can use this medium to boost their reputation.

Although businesses can control what and how they create compelling messages and content that reflects their brands and voice, they don’t really have control over consumers’ voices. What a consumer says about a business has a direct impact on a business’ reputation.

However, businesses can combat this by leveraging customer reviews in their marketing strategy. For example, a business can showcase a customer review on a digital display ad or content to get potential buyers talking about a business.

Leveraging Reputation Marketing Tools

Speaking of leveraging, if you haven’t guessed, reputation marketing can also be automated – to a point. If you are using digital signage as a marketing automation tool already, such as taking advantage of content management systems, media players, and a vast network of digital display spaces, then simply adjusting your content and message to also focus on your reputation is a proactive and effective approach to reputation marketing.

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