How Digital Signage and Media Can Reach a Totally New Type of “Generation”

Posted by on Mar 26, 2016 in Digital Marketing, Insight

What do digital signage and the media have in common? Two words: communication and generation. Obviously the media is still a huge and effective way to businesses to communicate to consumers via traditional and digital channels—such as TV commercials, radio broadcasting, social media, and even digital signage.

By “generation” we are really referring to two things: demand and lead generation, and a generation of millennials.

Read on to learn about how businesses can use digital signage and the media as channels to reach millennials via generation.

Generation After Generation…

First, let’s talk about generation. In the world of marketing, there are two forms of generation: lead generation and demand generation. Here are the main differences between the two:

Demand generation seeks to drive awareness and interest in a particular product or service—whether you are marketing to professionals or the public. Demand generation resolves more about getting the message and word out about your company to those who have never heard of you before…

On the other hand, lead generation is more effective in the second step in lifecycle marketing. Lead generation focuses more on capturing the correct information from a “lead” or an organization or individual who has already expressed interest in your service and/or offerings—such as with a name, email address, and/or phone number.

Digital signage plays a huge role in marketing to millennials in both these “generations”. Businesses can use digital signage—either on a highway, public transportation terminal or shopping malls and other retail outlets and locations—to really embrace demand generation and attract the attention of millennials.

From there, businesses can then use digital display advertising via digital signage to advertise an “offer” or call-to-action, which encourages users to “connect” with the company via social media—a popular channel used by millennials today.

Read more about the marketing media mix here.

Creating a Marketing Machine…

But, of course, these digital channels and digital signage are only effective as the medium itself. What do we mean by this? For example, if you are researching, brainstorming, and organizing your own marketing campaign and methodology, then you need to consider these three important things when thinking about the media:

Medium – Which medium will be the most effective for your enterprise? How will you incorporate this into your strategy? How will you execute it? These are the first questions your marketing team should consider when thinking about a marketing medium that will work for you.

A good rule of thumb: If you are unsure of which medium will be the most effective and yield the most results, think about the mediums your target audience uses…and go from there.

Availability – Once you’ve nailed down a medium, now it’s time to consider availability. Is this particular media medium in line with your marketing goals? How will it help you reach those goals? Is this the best way to reach your target audience and maximize demand and lead generation? Is it affordable?

Measuring ROI – One of the biggest challenges for marketers today is measuring ROI. It’s easy to throw time, money, and resources at the “popular” medium, but that doesn’t always mean you are going to see results. It’s best to do your time and research in the beginning, discover everything you can about millennials and your target audience, and then choose the medium that promises the most results. Be sure to research, test, research, analyze, test again—as often as possible to really instill your marketing strategy is like a well-oiled machine!

Learn more about building a digital marketing campaign with the right tools, technology, and digital signage here.

Finally, no matter your marketing strategy, goals, or budget, digital signage can be used in practically any medium—from TV advertising to radio broadcasting to social media to content management. Digital signage is a proven and effective way to reach millennials, and has a proven ROI.

Discover how digital signage can reach a whole new world of “generation” through both traditional and digital channels. Contact an expert at Digital Signage today.

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