How Businesses Use Digital Signage for More than Digital Advertising

Posted by on Sep 5, 2016 in Insight

It’s no secret that digital signage has changed the way customers and consumers interact with brands. After seeing an ad visible on a large, commanding digital display, users can use their mobile devices to follow and interact with the brand on social media, whether that is to find deals, look up promotions or even make a purchase. One such industry that has commanded the attention of consumers with digital signage is retail.

More and more retail outlets and locations are maximizing brand exposure with the power of kiosk technology. Store and retail owners can showcase a number of featured brands, products, sales and promotions. Additionally, retail kiosks enable businesses to enhance the customer experience while also boosting marketing ROI.

In addition to digital advertising, read on to learn more about some innovative ways to implement digital signage technology, including kiosk technology in your own business locations.

Inventory Operations – By implementing kiosk technology in your store, you can improve inventory management and operations by always having the right amount of stock. Customers and users can access the products and brands they want easily, which can also reduce inventory and warehousing costs. Users and customers can also make a purchase directly from the kiosk.

Purchase Experience – Many retail kiosks also offer payment options, which can provide customers with a fast and efficient checkout process. No more lines, no more waiting; simply grab, pay, and go.

Surveys – Not only can businesses learn about their customers through sifting through inventory and products, retail kiosks help businesses learn more about their customers. In-store surveys collect consumer insights while they are still at the retail location. Businesses can use the information to create more targeted content for consumers, improving the retail experience and increasing revenue.

Internal Operations – In addition to enhancing the customer experience, retail kiosks can also help internal operations and personnel. For example, by using retail kiosks employees can track their time wisely. And with the availability of bill-pay options for customers, employees can spend more time assisting customers in the sales process and providing more high quality service and support than processing sales transaction.

Finally, digital signage technology is becoming more valuable for businesses today, including retail outlets and businesses. From improving customer relations and experiences to internal operations, digital signage can do more than just digital advertising.

In fact, many businesses that make the commitment and investment to using digital signage, such as kiosk technology in their everyday operations not only streamline and improve operations, but also boost their ROI. Digital signage technology has a significant return on investment, allowing businesses to leverage technical

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