Google Digital Signage

Posted by on Jun 30, 2011 in DOOH

A post a couple of years back initially piqued my interest because of its relevancy in the out-of-home space. It highlights Google for what they are best at: advertising. There were some initial patent filings and underground buzz about the project which seems to have died a bit. But, Google is at it again. Last week’s post at the Google Blog showed some certainty that Google is entering the digital signage space. In fact, they’ve created a very powerful system integrating touchscreen sign technology with smart phones, and Google Maps. In this case, it’s a situation a bit separate from a retail “kiosk,” but the technology is still the same: using placed-based digital signage for sales conversion and advertising.

The photo above is a screenshot from Google’s original patent filing for a kiosk type system. Interestingly applying an affiliate-type pay-per-click model with an interactive digital signage system could prove a viable model in the retail space. It would aid at bringing the web into spaces where traditional shopping has reigned. Google has not used their power to do any mass deployments yet. However, if their current pilot programs prove successful, there is no telling what could happen here. And, with the integration of technologies, we may even be moving that much closer to a successful way of measuring digital signage metrics.

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