Free Digital Signage now available through Google…

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Free Digital Signage now available through Google Chrome!

Today Google announced their Chrome Web Store and we announced that MediaSignage is one of the first apps to join and the first to bring stunning presentation software to over 70 million Google Chrome users. Here’s what you need to know:
Welcome To Your New Office, The Browser
Today much of our personal lives are enhanced with interactions via online services. We send and receive emails and may visit and use upwards of 10 or more different web based applications a day. Increasingly business interactions are moving to the web and Google has created the Chrome Web Store to let you find and manage all you web apps in one one logical place.
One-Click Access / Single Sign-On
With Google’s Chrome Web Store you can install MediaSignage into your app tab in one click. Once installed MediaSignage is available to you at the top of every new browser tab you open in the new app section. One more click will launch MediaSignage and log you using the credentials you choose. After entering the your credentials the first time you won’t need to log in again and single sign-on will be enabled.

Click here to install the Free Digital Signage Chrome OS app

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