Free Digital Signage just got better, again!

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Announcing release 1.9

Digital Signage for everyone just got better, again!

The long anticipated release 1.9 is now available for download. This release includes new features and enhancements. We also focused on content creation and added a number of new resources to enrich your digital signage presentation.

We had gone to great lengths to insure we integrate many features that our fast growing user base had asked for. We will continue and release features based upon your requirements as we continue and let our customer base drive product development.

Visit & install 1.9 release

Watch the 1.9 Video screencast. The introduction will take you through all the new features that were added to release 1.9. Watch a step by step tutorial to learn how you can take advantage of this amazing platform and deliver the ultimate digital signage and kiosk presentation.

So What’s new?

Common Channel
The most dominant feature of release 1.9 is common channel. This enhancement allows you to create a channel which is common throughout all the campaign’s timelines. Think of it as a “Shortcut” channel. Simply make a change once and have it propagate to all timelines which use the common channel. This will greatly reduce administration tasks as you will no longer need to duplicate content management.

Port 80 support for Player communication
Starting release 1.9 you will no longer need to enable special firewall rules for port 336 as we no longer use port 336. In fact starting release 1.9, all traffic (upload, download and control) is executed over the standard port 80 which is open in everyone’s network. So you have one less thing to worry about when deploying a new Digital Signage network.

Media RSS
In release 1.9 we completely redeveloped the Video Podcast component. It is now called Media RSS.
As part of the new component we included: intelligent caching mechanism for RSS videos, auto play list which will allow you to play a series of video Podcast from a single source one after the other. Simply put a link to a XML URL of Podcast list and the Media RSS component will play each video in series until all play to completion.

Fixed Players Length
You can now set a channel to play all videos to completion; regardless of how short or long you position them on the timeline; you no longer need to worry about placing a video on the timeline and setting it’s exact length. With “Fixed Players Length” checked off you can force all videos (including Media RSS videos) to play to the end before moving to the next resource, thus insuring uninterrupted play back of your video files.

SDK Support for Flash CS developers
Starting release 1.9 you can develop your own Flash SWF files and modify the content of these SWFs from within the SignageStudio. For example, you can make a SWF of a Food Menu board and dynamically change the videos, text and images which are part of your FLA/SWF file with resources that exist in the SignageStudio. We also added XML support for custom SWFs so you can work with your own XML data structure. We included many working examples with FLA source code so you can get learn how to develop your own compatible SWF files.

Full support for Time zone using our the Clock library
Set multiple clocks per scene and create your own world time board. A total of over 20 custom clocks are included in this release. Explore the different styles from the import scene section of the SignageStudio.

We did a complete overhaul of Weather graphic library. We included over 30 new beautiful pre made Weather Scenes. And that’s not all, in this release we added two new styles of animated Weather items. So your customers can enjoy an animated view of the coming 5 day forecast.

Access external domain and 3rd part SWF support
You can now easily have your own developed SWF files access remote XML feeds and other data providers; completely eliminating the need for complex cross domain files. This new feature also allows you to load none Adobe Flash CS SWF files as well. SWFs created using 3d party SWF generators such as Swish 3D and others are now fully supported.

Resources and Templates
We added new content including 100+ new beautiful vector backgrounds, 100+ masks, dynamic SWFs integration samples (such as Digital Menu boards), video loops, 3D carousel and more. We started to release new Templates and we will continue to do so on a regular basis. Some of the new Templates include Flower Shop, new Health Club, Doctor’s office, new car dealership, home and garden and many more.

Font bundles & Blends
Font bundles include many new fonts. Plus, if you need a specific font for RSS or multi language support,
no problem! e-mail us the font and we will add it to our dynamic font bundle. Use the new blends to achieve transparency and other cool color effects on any object in your signage presentation.

New Theme
We completely redeveloped the application interface with a new CSS. The SignageStudio is now very cool with a beautiful polished GUI. This also gets us ready for release 2.0 which will allow you to customize your own SignageStudio CSS (great value for resellers who need to make a customized Studio).

Code optimization
We improved on many aspects of the application including sockets, remote control, modulation of more components, re-factoring of some of the screen management, stations datagrid, bug fixes and more.

and what’s next?

Our next major release is 2.0 and it’s due in May 2010. Release 2.0 will include over 65 new features. It will focus primarily on the highly anticipated Advertising engine, Access Control Lists (ACL), CSS support and more. So be sure to stay tuned so follow us on twitter and as always,

Thank you for your interest in MediaSignage!

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