Four Creative Ways for Your Restaurant to Use Digital Signage

Posted by on Jan 7, 2013 in Menus

The flexibility of digital signage lets you use them in ways that were an impossibility just a few years ago. These new possibilities are available to all sorts of businesses from those with little more than lint in their pockets to those with ultra deep pockets, such as the Munich Airport where the Meta Twist Tower amazes travelers with its magic shape-shifting ways.

However, regardless of how flush your restaurant is, you want to make sure that you get a strong return on your digital signage investment. After all, though they do not need to be excessively costly, digital signs are not free. To reach the full ROI on your signs you need to use them to improve your restaurant’s customer engagement. Here are four creative ways to do just that.

  • Post reservation information on your digital signage: If they have got to wait, customers like to know how long they can expect to wait and when their time has come to be seated at their table. Of course, this type of information does not require the use of a full screen, but rather just in a sidebar or a scroll. Using digital signage in this manner provides you the additional benefit of placing your other digital-signage content on the same screen that your customers need to look at in order to learn if their time to be seated has arrived.
  • Promote your restaurant as an event venue: Does your restaurant do special services for events such as weddings, birthday and other parties, and banquets? If so, engage your customers by promoting these services on your digital signs. Additionally, you could offer second screen interaction at smaller screens in specific areas of your restaurant so that, say, engaged couples could browse the wedding service options you offer. The screens could give calendaring information along with a guest list builder, menu options, and a room selector.
  • Promote your relations with local businesses: Use your digital signage to spread the word about the local businesses and organizations you have agreements with. These groups can pay you for this or you can accept in return promotion on their digital signage. Depending upon how closely related to your niche these other groups are, these can be very beneficial relationships. For example, if you serve fine Italian food, digital signage promotion relationships with stores specializing in imported delicacies could prove to be worthwhile.
  • Multi-language content: Though this content is not needed everywhere, it sure is effective in areas with large immigrant communities. Multi-language content on your digital signage ensures that nearly 100 percent of your customers are engaged by your digital signage.

To learn more about just how creative you can be with your digital signage, contact us at Deploid.

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