FasterQ and Our Open SDK

Posted by on Apr 13, 2015 in Company News, Content, Insight, Interactive, Retail

I’m always a bit amused by some of the press from companies in the industry touting “first to market interactive digital signage” or “industry leader in digital signage and social media integration” or [insert your own buzz here]. When there’s no liability or fact checking, it makes such PR sound more compelling than it should be.

I’ll not be so bold as to say that ours is the only solution that allows access to an open SDK with the ability to create one’s own applications directly in our own marketplace. It also would be inaccurate to assume that we were the first to market with such a product or, worse still, that we were the first to come up with the idea. Also, not true. However, we have recently released the latest version of our HTML5-powered open SDK. I encourage you to get more of the details by watching our video tutorial here.

We’re pretty excited about what we’ve built. Not only will it allow users to take advantage of an open developer marketplace, but users can also take advantage of the apps we’ve directly provided including those for real-time social media interaction, weather and news. While we’ll be providing some of the apps to seed the free marketplace, our long-term preference and work will be to provide a great platform that developers can use to build their own custom applications.

The open SDK also allows a developer’s app to have immediate exposure to our existing network and customers for things like social networking, traffic updates, staff ratings, loyalty programs, sales incentives, energy tracking and transportation management. MediaSignage will take care of the set-up, configuration and platform management while any independent developer with a decent idea can build his/her own application.

While our open SDK was released more than a year ago, we’ve made some great recent updates that open things up substantially for anyone to contribute. We’re hoping these and other updates will continue to provide the tools end-users are demanding.

About FasterQ 

We’ve also recently released FasterQ, a queue management platform for managing waiting in places like restaurants, movie theaters, DMVs or any other establishment where lines can gum-up the speed of the customer throughput. We invite new and existing clients to check out this latest product which now comes standard as part of the SignageStudio as an application in the MediaSignage HTML5 application marketplace. I invite you to watch the tutorial video at for more information.

Grow With Us 

Existing MediaSignage followers can now take advantage of our app marketplace, including access to potentially unlimited integrations and applications developed by our team directly as well as any developer wanting new functionality with the system. The platform will continue to improve and provide value accretion for users as more developers join and add their own applications to the platform. Any user can now create their own app within the marketplace with their own branding that can now be used by other users and shared across our customers in over 120 different countries.

We’re powering tens of thousands of active digital signage displays. The open SDK and developer marketplace, including our new should help to push us into the hundreds of thousands as we continue our rapid expansion forward.

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