Bar Boycott Instigated Due to Facial Scanning Software

Posted by on May 24, 2012 in Industry, Insight, News

It’s your typical story of the creepy gender-tracking, people-tracking software used by some would-be digital out-of-home operators, but in this case, it would appear the audience is finally fighting back against what they feel is a major threat to privacy.

Some claim the app is a major invasion of personal privacy. This particular app helps individuals scope out bars that have the type of crowd they are interested in. That means you don’t need to go through the headache of looking around at various clubs to find out if there aren’t enough women (or men) in them (as the case may be). SceneTap, the software developer, has recently installed their units in about 25 bars in the San Francisco area.

In particular, this application will help to see which bars are filled with women and which are filled with men and the average age of the crowd. Then, you can check out various bars on your mobile device to find out where you want to go for the evening. As one commenter to the news post put it: “It could also be used by women to find bars that are less of a sausage party if that’s what they want…”

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