Eliminate a Waiter

Posted by on Apr 7, 2011 in Menus, Tablets

These videos come to you from the LaGuardia Airport, Chicago. A friend and associate passed these along and I thought we should post them. Just one example of what you can do with the software. You can order directly from the tablets and click through to see various menu items. My apologies that one of the videos is 180 degrees off, but you get the idea. These were his immediate comments as to the experience:

It’s an iPad OTC bar. You order food when and how you like. There’s only one waiter. I would also create a call button to request service so the waiter knows when to come if there are questions like at a regular restaurant. You pay with credit which is perfect and secure. Soon enough it will be interacting with the phones both Android, Windows, WebOS and Symbian.

There will be more coming where these are concerned and many more opportunities to cut staff and greatly improve productivity. Who cares if an iPad costs you $500 if you can completely eliminate staff. More of a cost saving than anything else.


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