Poor Man’s Kiosk: Building a Touchscreen from a Standard LCD or LED

Posted by on Aug 28, 2017 in Insight

Let’s face it, touchscreens are often prohibitively expensive. For that reason, we now provide our customers with a conversion kit that allows you to create a digital signage touch screen out of any standard LCD or LED display. The mediaFRAME Kiosk Conversion Kit is one digital product offered by MediaSignage, Inc. that enables touchscreen capabilities for kiosks. MediaFRAME allows for faster touch response times and smooth drop and scroll motions with its incredibly high refresh rate. As a result, mediaFRAME can detect the slightest touch, and its level of accuracy is on point with zero latency.

The mediaFRAME Kiosk Conversion kit can also be installed in under five minutes and is designed to work in both vertical and horizontal modes for the best visual experience. The mediaFRAME is installed by applying the supplied adhesive around an existing kiosk screen. A USB cable is then used to connect to the SignagePlayer, which is used to control content. The mediaFRAME Kiosk Conversion Kit also comes with mounting tools. Because mediaFRAME is powered through the SignagePlayer, it does not require an additional energy source, making it super efficient.

Additionally, here is a quick summary of the benefits and specifications of mediaFRAME:

  • Size ranges from 32″ to 60″ (larger sizes can be customized as needed)
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Ships with supplied mounting adhesive and tools
  • No ghost dead points
  • Energy efficient without sacrificing performance
  • Tested and optimized to work with SignagePlayer
  • Supports all resolutions including 4K

With the help of a quality digital signage software, mediaFRAME ensures that audiences enjoy a high-powered, quality experience when using kiosks. Additionally, Digital Signage also offers various touch components such as buttons, virtual keyboards, carousels and more. Digital signage technology essentially converts any ordinary TV to a giant tablet, and for a fraction of the cost of a commercial touch screen.

All in all, mediaFRAME is just one digital signage software product that MediaSignage offers. Digital Signage also offers various digital signage equipment and products that are easy to use and ensure a quality experience for audiences.

Digital signage technology is leading the “martech” movement and completely changing the face of digital marketing as we know it. As we saw from this most recent blog, digital signage is becoming an expectation by customers rather than seen as a luxury. However, many businesses have yet to get on the digital signage bandwagon.

Digital signage is making appearances in hotels, fitness centers, and restaurants all over the globe. In fact, Marriott Hotels have adopted digital signage displays to transform their hotel lobbies in locations all over the world. Fitness centers have also transformed their dull and dated facilities into modern workout centers and to even enhance the experiences of their guests. For example, athletes and guests can now enjoy fitness classes like never before. They can select fitness classes and programs that fit their needs and schedules.

Interested in checking it out? Start a free account today to start building your digital signage stuff.

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