DIY And The Consultant

Posted by on Sep 7, 2011 in Advertising, Hardware, Software, Uncategorized

When you’re going to put up your digital signage network, you will do some initial research and inquiry. This results in some individuals wanting to install their own digital signage.  For most it’s because they just love to do it, for others it’s because they want to save.

Digital signage can be a simple standalone setup and at the other end of the spectrum a very sophisticated (and complex) network of thousands of display screens. If you want to do it yourself perhaps this would be possible in a standalone setup and the reason you would want to do it is because you just love to do it.

If your reason for DIY is you want to save money then I’m afraid it’s not very sound reasoning. In fact if you want to DIY it’s probably because you have a lot of time and money to spare. When you do it yourself there may be trial and error involved which translates to expenses. There is also the learning process involved and depending on your learning curve there is the aspect of time spent on learning and taking too much time will also translate to cost and delayed launching of your advertisement. You are also taking valuable time off your main business.

It is advised that some form of digital signage consulting be involved. There are three important elements to consider when you deal with digital signage: hardware, software, and content. Each of these elements require some degree of in depth knowledge so each of the element’s potentials can be fully harnessed. There is also the need for compatibility between hardware, software, and the content that you want delivered. All meaning you need expert help.

Cost will of course be a big consideration but you can scale your project based on your budget and you can always expand later on. Digital media consultants are in the best position to help you and they are fully aware of budget constraints that all businesses have.

Just remember when you try to do it yourself; if it’s savings that you are after, it may turn out to be significantly more expensive in the end.


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