Display of Information: Putting Customer Psychology into Perspective

Posted by on Dec 24, 2015 in Insight, Pontifications

Digital display advertising today is rocking customers’ worlds. As we’ve mentioned before, the buyer journey has changed, and UX is driving marketing strategies across the globe. So how many marketers stay fresh in customers’ minds while maintaining a competitive edge? The answer is already there: Getting into customers minds…

Maintaining a Competitive Edge…without Being Creepy

Forget for a second that you are an entrepreneur or a marketer. Think about the last time you were surfing the web as a consumer. Let’s say for a second you were surfing the web for a new car. You’ve been checking out various dealership websites, looking up customer reviews, and maybe even hitting up social media to ask your friends and families their recommendations on a new vehicle.

Then, in the next day or two, you get a call from your bank asking you if you were in the market for a new vehicle, and if you were interested in one of the lending institution’s consumer auto loans.

Whoa…how did that happen? Magic. Marketing magic.

Getting into Customers’ Minds

That’s pretty powerful marketing. Based on your search history and analytics, your bank used this information and data to figure out that you might be in the market for a new car.

But does this cross the “creep factor” line?

For some it might be. But the fact is the bank as a business did a good job of utilizing consumer data and buyer information to “get into the customer’s mind”. By this means understanding the psychology of a buyer persona. What makes them tick? What attracts them to a particular product or service? What other pertinent information can a business use to interpret and analyze consumer data?

Many businesses focus on fine-tuning their products and services in order to maintain their competitive edge and stay fresh in a customer’s mind, which we mentioned above. They do this via social media and even digital display advertising. But getting into a customer’s mind is also important. This is why some marketers will take psychology courses. Understanding customer data can help more long-term, informed decision-making.

Display of Information

Once a marketer and business has fully understood who their customers are, then they can produce content that speaks to their audience. By producing this content and then later displaying it via digital signage, you have now taken your marketing strategy to a whole new level—and one that is compelling, unique, and even successful.

So when it’s time to post the next series of content for your digital menu boards or your digital displays, think about your audience. Think about who your customers are. Think about what they are looking for.

For more information on how businesses can utilize digital signage to boost their business’ marketing strategy, contact Digital Signage today. Digital Signage products and services are easy to use and are easy to implement. With a little technology and the right amount of psychology, you can put both the art and science into your marketing.

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