How Digital Signage Can Drive Direct Retail Response this Holiday Season

Posted by on Nov 10, 2015 in Industry, Insight, Interactive, Retail

If you’re in retail, then you are probably working around the clock these days—since the holiday season is right around the corner. And, if you are in retail, then you are focusing this year’s efforts on service, service, service.

But how can you enhance service this year that sets your business apart from your competitors so you stick out in your customers’ minds when it’s time for them to do begin their shopping?

Three words: direct retail response.

When we think about direct response marketing, what do we think of? Direct response marketing involves a place, a process, and people. So let’s take a look at your basics:

  • You’ve got a place: your retail location.
  • You’ve got people: your staff and other resources.
  • But do you have a process?

Developing a process—or even a combination of all three—is among the top challenges today for direct response marketers…

Direct Goals…

Before you can tackle digital signage or give your marketing strategy an overhaul right before the most critical time of year for sales, you first need to define your direct response goals.

Your goals should look a little something like this:

  • Relevant –The better you know your audience, the better you can target them through digital signage. Relevancy is key. If you aren’t effectively reaching your customers, take a look at your content and decide if it’s really
  • Timely – Remember, timing is everything. And the good news here is that digital signage allows you to display timely messages and content to your audiences.Valuable – By using digital signage you can reach your customers through exclusivity or other emotional factors, which essentially provides them with Remember, value is one of the most important factors in the purchase path.

Transforming Our World…

We’ve talked a lot lately about the importance of recognizing your buyer personas, reaching your customers in the appropriate buyer stages in the purchase path, and how to really connect with your audiences in a way that works for them. The secret behind all of these? Digital signage.

Here is how digital signage is transforming our world today…and how it can transform your business this holiday season:

  • Interactive customer service (by use and implementation of electronic kiosks, tablets, menu boards, etc.)
  • Showcase products, promotions, events, and sales
  • Update customers and audiences with to-the-minute information and details
  • Allow customers to personalize their own experiences
  • Enhance overall response

Finally, for more information on how digital signage can be a huge part of your direct retail response marketing strategy this holiday season, contact the experts at Digital Signage today.

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