Definition: “Digital Signager”

What is a digital signager? Please read our simple definition below.

Definition:  Any human who engages in digital signs or digital signage. This could include but is not limited to the following: software developers, content creators, sales engineers, salespeople, advertisers, brand managers, IT personnel and business owners.

A digital signager is a person who engages and feels an affiliation toward both technology and digital advertising and marketing. They may or may not be an expert in the field, but they are certainly represented by a growing group of middle to upper class technologists. These up-and-coming addicts are working to build a way to communicate with others using out-of-home advertising technologies which have been retrofitted for the digital age.

Digital signagers have often spent time in other industries and have a keen awareness of how technology intersects and how the world can benefit from the integration of certain types of software applications and devices.

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