Digital Signage Software

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Digital Signage Software


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What is Digital Signage software all about, the do’s and don’ts !


Digital Signage may sound like a complicated solution that many shy away from due to things like high prices, complexity and most importantly the lack of understanding of its full potential.


Digital Signage has been around for many years ( about 20 or so ) and many blame cost and the cumbersome installation of old style television sets to the lack of popularity with Digital signage.


And while all this is true, we at MediaSignage believe that one the most important factors that has slowed down the progression of Digital Signage is as simple as not having the right software application that fits the need of all.


A Digital Signage software application needs to have a few ingredients for it to be successful.


These ingredients include simplicity and flexibility without limitations.

In other words, its ok for a Digital Signage software application to provide sophisticated designer, powerful scheduler and of the charts statistics. But for all these extras should be… well extras.


In our opinion Digital Signage software needs to be basic enough so everyone can use it while focusing on the fundamentals. These fundamentals can be broken down into 10 bullets:


  1. Screen Division Control
  2. Screen Division Channel Assignment
  3. Resource and Media management
  4. Support for common media format ( flash, images, video )
  5. Timeline management
  6. Timeline sequencing
  7. Campaign management
  8. Station remote control
  9. Station assignment
  10. Web management


The fundamental features listed above cover the complete control one needs in order to deliver a reliable and powerful Digital Signage Presentation.

A Digital Signage software application is all about management and control.



From day one of the design of the MediaSignae Digital Signage software solution, we focused on providing the basic essentials for a solid Digital Signage software that everyone can benefit from


Lets face it,  if you need a powerful Animation designer, nothing beats Adobe’s Flash. If you are after a sophisticated video editing look no further than Virtual DUB or Adobe’s Premier suite of tools. If all you need is an elaborate photo editing solution, use Adobe’s Photoshop.


The real benefit of a good Digital Signage software application is to bring all of these technologies together in a natural flow so that the viewer is unaware of the complexity underneath the underline system.


Each component of a Digital Signage software can be imported after it has been modified, cut, edited and polished in its own optimized application.


And while it is nice to have all capabilities in a single platform, the real power of a Digital Signage software is the overall management and control of these resources and players.


We believe that MediaSignage is the ultimate delivery system for Digital Signage as we have integrated 100% compatibility with Flash Player ( The world’s #1 animation engine ).


Thousands of people own web sites while not having a clue on how HTML works and the interconnectivity and complexity that powers the internet. They hire inexpensive web designers and graphic artists to build for them a basic web sites which represents their business.


We believe the same concept is now true with our Digital Signage software solution. You now have the tools to empower your business with Digital Signage even if you are not really technically savvy.


If you can find a web designer, someone who can mess around with Flash a bit or even a web savvy guy, our platform empowers him / her to use their existing knowledge to deliver a full fledged Digital Signage solution for your business.


We have taken Digital Signage software from the Corporate level and brought down to a level that even you can take advantage of..





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