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Posted by on Sep 24, 2008 in Uncategorized

Sharing your Signage with the world

We are proud of our Digital Signage solution and we definitely want to get your feedback so we can make changes and improvements. One of things we are working on for the final release of the complete narrowcasting solution is shared resources.

With this new upcoming feature of shared resources you will be able to make your videos, images and animations available for others to enjoy. Why you say ? Well they will do the same for you. Having everyone open up their resources for public use will make building an impressive digital signage presentation a snap.

Shared resources enables all of Media Signage’s users to get access to a huge library of media files.

Just imagine if you own a pet shop. You go the library of shared resources and pick a vector image of a dog, an animation of cat walking or a video of a dog playing catch.

Simply drag and these media files to your timeline and start enjoying a rich signage presentation without the hassle of building everything from scratch.

Share resources is just another way we at Media Signage are breaking the rules of traditional digital signage.

We hope you help us build a rich library by uploading your media files for everyone to enjoy. Just remember that any resources you load must be open for usage and not protected by copyright laws.

Stay tuned for more upcoming Signage goodness in this blog.

Sean L – co-founder

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