Digital Signage Reseller / White Label for everyone…

Posted by on Mar 7, 2009 in Uncategorized

As we are planning to release our white label and referral program we posted our reseller / pricing strategy here:

The page includes a detailed explanation of how the reseller / white label  and referral program work. We truly believe we came out with an exceptional and superiors business model than anything that’s currently available in the market of Digital Signage. The program is designed to pass most of the profits to the reseller as we believe your success is our success.

The reseller page also includes a fully functional reseller calculator which is designed to show you exactly how much you can expect to profit in any given scenario.

We hope to release the white label and referral program by 3/10/2009 and this will also include the Reseller Studio; a MediaSignage application which is designed to allow resellers to actively monitor associated customer including their players and billing status.

MediaSignage is not only changing the world of Digital Signage for the end customer; but we are also taking the Reseller (including branding) approach to whole new level.

With MediaSignage you can open a reseller account online ( that’s right. No need to fill an application and no need to go through red tape ). Your generous repeat monthly profits are simply based on how many AIRPlayer licenses you sell, the way it should be…


Please feel free to comment on our Forum and let us know if you have any questions.







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