10 Ways to Know If You’re a Digital Signage Redneck

There are still those brave, backwoods digital signage systems, including hardware and software that are so outdated, they’re in desperate need of replacement. There are certainly widely differing definitions and opinions of what works as a normal or successful signage deployment. Here are a few fun ways to recognize if you’re normal or an inbred anomaly.

  1. You use sneakernet as your modus operandi for deploying content to the displays. If you’re updating your displays with a thumb drive, it’s time to move on.
  2. Your primary design tool is Microsoft Powerpoint. If your lettering resembles “word art” or has stock images from Microsoft products from the late 90’s, you might be a digital signage redneck.
  3. Designs are made up primarily of .jpg and image files. If your display doesn’t include any dynamic video, you might be a digital signage redneck.
  4. None of your network includes audio. It’s one thing if you exclude audio from your signage if it’s not appropriate for the venue. It’s quite another if you fail to do so out of laziness or apathy.
  5. Your web designer doubles as your digital signage graphic artist.
  6. Your graphic artist doubles as your network operator and IT professional. If your network is small and your graphic artist is exceptionally talented enough, it certainly is justifiable, but if you’re attempting to hit scale, then specialized help on the various technical tasks is a must.
  7. No PCI compliance. If you don’t even know what that means, then you’re a redneck already.
  8. Your network is made of a CCTV network of CRTs. Seriously? It’s not even “digital”…
  9. You use a DVD player on a loop. That is so 2003.
  10. Your idea of a successful deployment includes broken OSHA rules, injured installers and exposed cabling.

Just in case, the aforementioned list didn’t help you clarify your redneck status, here’s something that may help to enlighten and inform.

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