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Posted by on Sep 14, 2008 in Uncategorized

When we first started developing our Digital Signage Player we had a few set of requirements. However after about two years in developemt and LOTS of brainstorming and re-coding its amazing how our predefiened set of requiremenrs had changed. Also, when we first started our development cyclce Adobe AIR was still in early beta release and we were not 100% sure of all of the API that will be exposed to us during the final release of the Adobe AIR platform.

With that said and after doing all of the ground work we came up with a few simple requirements concluding that the real challenge in Digital Signage Software is not the player but rather the back end.

If you think about it, the Digital Signage Player is what does the actual work and is what exposes your presentation to the captive audiance. And yet we spent over a year and a half developing the backend which realy ends up configuring a database which holds your sequence of resource play list and resource media and only 6 months developing the Digital Sinage Player software.

The main focus of our Digital Signage Player was stability. Making sure the Digital Signage Player can play and play and play. That is knows how to recover and that it is fully controlled remotely.

The backend required much more Sigange Software Design and execution.

We are happy with the final result and we are sure you will be too…

See you Oct 1 08.


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