The Family Fun Center: A Place for Implementing Place-Based Media

Posted by on Aug 30, 2011 in Advertising, DOOH

As a kid, places like Chuck-e-Cheese always seemed inviting to me. It was almost like a small idea of what I thought Disneyland should have been like. My personal favorite was the cage of plastic balls. You all know the type. The ones that adults spurn at because they know there are probably old band-aids and open used diapers in the thing. But for a kid, it’s a bit like Christmas.

Nearly every city has one. They are the “all-in-one” family fun center complete with video arcades, laser tag, go karts, miniature golf, bowling, and even pool. It’s a paradise for entertaining children and young families (I still get a kick out of the go karts). For many reasons, fun centers offer a great venue to install and manage content on a small digital signage network. Let’s discuss a few of the benefits of installing such a network.

1. Captivation and Keep

As studies from Envirosell show, the longer you are able to keep a customer in the store, the more they will purchase. The same holds true in the case we are speaking about currently. If a store manager is able to keep the customers engaged within the store for a longer period of time, statistically they will spend more. If, in the case of a carnival center, that means inputting more tokens into the games and arcade machines, then so be it.

2. Tailored to the Young

I’ve written in the past about content tailored to baby boomers and the elderly. Using digital signage at a family fun center means that the content on the displays need to be tailored the audience which generally involves the prepubescent boys and girls. This crowd is easily entertained. They are used to the media fragmentation, but can be much more easily distracted by moving graphics. It is important to note that the installation itself needs to be tailored to the young, meaning the displays need to be installed lower–two to three feet lower. This may seem a bit obvious, but sometimes the obvious needs referenced or else it will be overlooked in the face of all other details necessary for deployment to take place.

3. For the Food

Food boards that are digital can be used as an upsell tool for the food court in any family fun center. Hot dogs, hamburgers, french fries, pizza and soft drinks are all welcome for dynamic display. This type of display is simply an addendum.

4. Product Upsell and Promo

Giving patrons the information they need at the time of purchase can be a great advantage for a manager looking to increase ticket margins by any amount. Digital displays give the customer information, changing in real-time, which can promote any type of product the manager would like. Upsell a family from package one to package two, sell more token coinage, or simply promote upcoming events happening at the center.

5. Ambiance

Let’s face it, fun centers are all about the “experience.” If users don’t receive the same “feel good” experience they had at one location as they had at the other across town, they are likely not returning. Place-based signs can really help to increase the positive atmosphere of your location.

There are a litany of reasons to deploy digital advertising screens in various locations, but certainly there is nothing like doing it in a place frequented by millions of Americans each year. Shoot, maybe if you garner enough traffic you could even supplement your screen cost by allowing for some external advertisement placement on the displays.

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