Digital Place-Based Media Growth

Posted by on Mar 7, 2011 in Advertising

Pointing to a study by Arbitron, McVayNewMedia talks about place-based digital advertising and its growth. According to the study 181 million Americans viewed digital video display advertising or digital signage out-of-home in the past month. That represents about 70% of the U.S. population. The numbers also indicated that 52% or roughly 135 million had seen place-based out of home ads in the last week.

One piece of the study which I found most interesting is that place-based media actually reaches people in the U.S. on a more frequent basis than videos over the Internet and Facebook whose numbers are 43% and 41% respectively per month. Display and out-of-home media dwarfs these other channels, but has certainly not been getting the rapid attention as much as social networks have–unfortunately.

Here are some numbers that were even more astounding to me: more people saw and viewed out-of-home media than:

  • Sent text messages
  • Owned a DVR or TiVo
  • Have a Facebook profile

These numbers, while they may seem surprising are not all that alarming. I’m sure these various forms of media follow the 90/10 rule. 10% of the people do 90% of the texting, DVRing and Facebooking (or maybe

Here is the real issue at hand. Yes digital place-based ads are able to reach more people, but these ads are not nearly as targeted (at least until recent years) as have been the Facebook/Google/SMS advertisements. And almost everyone goes out of their homes, not everyone texts and Facebooks (if that’s a word).

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