Digital Name Tag: Bagdes with Dynamic Content

Posted by on Jan 9, 2013 in Advertising, Displays

Scrolling LED name badges have been around for quite a long time, but their latest (within the last couple year or two) sister technology–LCD digital name tags–have really been making a big impact. The cost of said units are not cheap, but the coolness factor is somewhat misleading. The question that many people have in working with digital name tags is, “okay, so how practical are they?” And, “how effective are they, really?” Do they compare with digital price tags

This does tend to be an issue. It’s not like an office manager would wear one on a daily basis, nor would a manufacturing plant tour guide want to be wearing one. In many cases they detract from the ad message that each person carries with them daily: their own face. Not that your face is the money maker, but when you’re wearing a dynamic digital signage name tag it is difficult to focus on the person who is wearing it. The changing messages on the display will often be a detractor from the “money maker.”

Not that the units are all that bad. They do offer a great way to draw more people to a trade show booth–if nothing else. But, don’t you think the novelty of the devices will wear off, in time? I suppose I should at least defend the technology a little. The units themselves, while quite expensive, offer some great options for getting your message across. Generally what the units allow users to do is charge and upload using a proprietary dock. From your PC you can simply upload and manage the content on the name tag, all while the unit charges.

Some of the benefits I can think of for digital name tags include:

  • They are extremely portable.
  • Generally, they are not used generally. So, if you’re using them at a trade show, then you might be the one standing out of the crowd.
  • The content can change. While this goes without saying, dynamic content is always better than static–so they say.
  • The units can be leased or rented from the parent company or to other companies who wish to use them in a trade show. Not a huge revenue opp, but it could act as a supplement–if “supplemental” is the type of business you operate.
  • Digital Name Tags are obnoxious. There, I said it. They offer an absolutely obnoxious way to display a message.

My opinion of digital name tag technology may be a bit skewed from others out there, but my reasoning is a bit justified: when I am speaking with a person, I want to give full attention to the person I am speaking to. I do not wish to be swayed, distracted, or targeted for some type of digital out-of-home style advertisement while I’m talking with him/her. While I am extremely “man-like” in my inability to multitask, I believe I have to multitask in some respect, when digital name tags are competing for my attention with someone speaking.

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