What Percentage Share of Digital Signage will Be Restaurant Digital Menu Boards?

Posted by on Jul 15, 2013 in Digital Menu Boards, Menus

When it comes to garnering business for this industry, we’ve seen our fair share of requests. What we’ve found most interesting is the ever-growing prospects coming from the quick service restaurant industry.

Digital signs in restaurants make some of the most sense for someone using this technology for a number of reasons. First, restaurants need menus that are adaptive. Traditional back-lit menu boards, while able to change with the changing menu options throughout the day, are not dynamic enough to change enough. They’re basically set in stone and unable to change, expect for the basic breakfast, lunch and dinner menus. Second, dynamic electronic signs can help to drive immediate profit increases by promoting higher-ticket, more lucrative items at the point of sale. In most cases, the is immediately measurable and can create customer loyalty. Finally, digital menus are not reliant on outside sources of income like advertising revenue. They can be completely self-sustaining and have a quickly positive return on investment. This is rare in an industry of technologists who often like the “bling” of a nice looking digital sign, but who miss the opportunity of truly profitable growth.

With the leads we’ve received, I started to ask the question:

What share of this industry’s growth is driven by restaurant digital menu boards?

I don’t have a simple random sample or a large conclusive poll to showcase what I feel is a huge growth area within this industry. All I have are the facts from our individual (and potentially skewed) internal statistics.

We’ve found that for the last two years over 60% of all our digital signage sales and installations have come from the restaurant industry. That’s a big number, especially when you’re touting so many other markets where this technology actually works. Other niches have their evangelistic champions, but we’re seeing a much bigger uptick in the digital menu board market then perhaps any other industry niche.¬†Does that mean the industry at large is seeing as big a migration to digital menus? Maybe, or perhaps our data is too skewed and the set is too small. I highly doubt that it’s not one of the biggest growth drivers in digital signage today.

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