Digital Media Buyers Dream Big with Digital Signage

Posted by on Nov 3, 2015 in Industry, Insight, Installation, Interactive

Digital signage and interactive media, including videos and displays, make up a huge portion of digital media and marketing today. As the buyer journey and the customer experience continues to evolve and shift, and become more engage through technology, the landscape of digital media and digital signage also change.

In fact, did you know that 91% of digital buyers are purchasing digital displays? According to a survey published by MediaPost, here are some key reasons why digital display makes a huge impact on retail and consumers, and even B2B marketers.

  • Many digital buyers see digital signage as an effective and engaging channel to reach their target audiences (46%)
  • More interactive video is being incorporated into digital signage displays (43%)
  • Digital signage offers more creative opportunities on various levels and ad units (40%)

Additionally, approximately 61% of marketers also claim that they integrate content marketing and social media within their interactive video and digital display strategies.

Collection of images

Collection of images

Many businesses and marketers work around the clock to grasp a full understanding of digital signage and how to creatively brainstorm to integrate interactive displays in their current marketing strategies. For example, many businesses, such as retail, have really embraced digital signage to connect with their customers and round out the buyer experience.

Retailers have learned that static marketing campaigns are outdated and are no longer as effective as they were a decade ago. This doesn’t mean to say that traditional forms of marketing, such as print advertising and direct mail don’t have their perks and opportunities, but digital signage has come a long way and is really driven by user experience.

By embracing and truly understanding the buyer persona and profile, retailers can pinpoint their customers to enhance their shopping experiences.

But this doesn’t mean that digital media buyers are solely retailers and marketers, many other industries, such as health care, restaurants, and even schools are discovering how digital signage can really work for them. And they are making it happen.

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