Digital Marketing Hits New Level with Advanced Digital Signage Technology

Posted by on Mar 5, 2017 in Insight

So, you think you have a solid marketing strategy. Sure, clear and transparent goals, automation tools, and technology and equipment are all crucial to ensure a successful marketing campaign. However, these things aren’t the most important. One key ingredient to a marketing masterpiece is personalization.

Personalization is key in ad content, messaging, and in the technology you use to reach your audience. The good news is technology is on marketers’ side. In fact, technology – particularly GBS technology – can actually become a marketer’s new best friend…

What Are Location-Based Offers?

In a world that has become digitally dominant, and with every consumer having a Smartphone permanently attached to their hands, location-based offers have become a prime marketing strategy for many businesses. Of course, location-based offers are nothing new, however, artificial intelligence and predictive analysis can bring them to a whole new level.

By using artificial intelligence and predictive analysis, marketers can utilize these tools and strategies to not only pinpoint but predict a user’s location. How? Applications with built-in AI capabilities can analyze a user’s location history each week and utilize this information to offer deals and other promotions to get them to buy.

For example, say your business is a retailer that sells outer wear, such as jackets, hiking boots, running sneakers, and so on. Part of your marketing strategy could be to integrate AI algorithms to analyze users’ locations that might be other competitors’ locations or even outdoor locations. By accurately capturing and analyzing information related to users’ behavioral patterns, marketers will be able to pinpoint users and provide them with offers before they even leave the house.

The Consumer’s Personal Digital Viewing Experience

Now that we’ve explained the marketer’s point of view and how technology can provide location-based offers for users, now let’s talk about the customer. Customers are looking for a highly integrated user experience when interacting with a brand either via social media or a digital screen in a retail location or even a live event.

Furthermore, new technology can allow users to control their viewing experiences at live events or in other retail locations, which has proven to influence their buying power and decision-making. This also results in a higher likelihood that users will return to that same location in the future.

On the other hand, customers may find that being provided with location-based offers might be too creepy. Personalization is great and all, but what happened to customers’ sense of privacy?

All in all, location-based offers and heightened viewing experiences and technology have led to massive results for businesses and marketers, however, it’s also important for them to tread carefully. Utilizing enhanced digital signage and providing location-based offers are great for increasing sales and boosting marketing ROI, however, marketers should also be thinking about the brand’s reputation. After all, no business wants to be labeled as creepy.

The Digital Signage Influence

Today, the majority of businesses have employed large-scale digital marketing efforts on a national level, which can take away from those local retailers who rely on word-of-mouth advertising. However, using geolocation to provide users with location-based offers is a great way to connect with audiences via social media. Take this one step further with digital signage and you are likely to successfully inspire customers to take action.

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