How Marketers Are Ruining Their Own Marketing

Posted by on Dec 10, 2015 in DOOH, Insight, Players

In the world of marketing there is the great divide…and that divide is between traditional marketers and digital marketers. But as time goes on, and as technology continues to prosper many traditional marketers are beginning to play for the other team and get on board with digital marketing.

But this is easier said than done because most traditional marketers who wish to embrace more digital marketing admittedly face a HUGE learning curve. But forget all the acronyms, buzz-words, tech-savvy interns, and embracing expensive technology—how does an aspiring digital marketer embrace digital marketing and without letting content suffer?

It’s not easy, but it CAN be done…with a little help from display marketing.

Stick to Your Guns (…and Your Brand)

It’s easy to run wild with all kinds of new ideas for a unique, compelling, and attractive marketing strategy (AND with proven ROI from marketing activities), but is that always the best approach? Of course every business should be honing in and embracing those little creative moments that make marketers “tick”, but you also want to be careful to not drive too far from home—your brand.

In fact, moving too far away from your brand is basically enterprise suicide. So in amidst of making a huge shift to embracing digital marketing, try not to forget about your story; where you came from…and your own journey. Stick to your guns (…and your brand). Remember, digital marketers are in the game for lead generation, not DE-generation.

Don’t Forget About Ethics…

The worlds of Internet marketing and digital advertising are both also still comprised of a very “young” generation—and industry compared to its “traditional” forefathers. As a result, many businesses have mastered the best marketing automation software, employed the best tactics, and always seem to churn the best content. But they are also doomed for failure…because many of these seemingly “best tactics and practices” are really unethical in some ways. From purchasing email lists to “buying” social media audiences and “likes”, and sending scam emails full of empty promises will eventually catch up with them. Game over.

It’s Time to Get on BOARD.

Display marketing is one of those ways that traditional marketers can blossom into digital marketers without all the pressure and unethical measures. All marketers need is a display board—be it a menu board, if you are a restaurant or an interactive to display media and messages—and then the rest is in their hands. Literally. How, you ask? Through content…

Before you get too caught up in the “technical” aspects here, digital display technology costs little upfront, it’s easy to install and set up, and the software is often free to use (AND it’s user friendly). But the key to make it all work lies in content.

Take a “Chapter” Out of CONTENT.

Now, traditional marketers, here’s your time to shine again. You’ve produced and developed content before, right? Well, get ready to do it again. Keep in mind, however, that the message you are sending your audience is meant to create a connection a real engagement. This is more than receiving a brochure in the mail…You are connecting—literally—with your world. Content matters.

In fact, the Content Marketing Institute claims that, “content is a strategic marketing approach that can attract and retain audiences” and “drive profitable customer action.”

However, traditional marketers who bring a traditional mindset to the otherwise “new” world of digital display marketing are also doomed for failure. They need to shift their creativity and attitudes to think more like publishers. So take a “chapter” out of content.

Finally, traditional marketers who are on the road to embracing digital display advertising have their word cut out for them (okay, pun intended). Yes, going digital is a huge commitment, but like any type of engagement, hard work pays off, which is truly worth celebrating. (See what we did there?)

Profound. We know.

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