Digital Destination: Enhancing a Customer’s Travel Experience

Posted by on Nov 10, 2015 in Advertising, Insight

We see digital displays pretty much everywhere we go today. From restaurants to hospitals to schools we are constantly engaged by digital media—including the technology that is pretty much attached to us at the hip…literally (or in the palms of our hands).

We also see digital displays while commuting. The billboards we see on highways are digital. In fact, digital signage for travelers and commuters has proven to be a huge benefit…especially for commuters who want real-time updates.

Commuters and travelers who rely on their “smart” devices can check for traffic updates, public transportation schedules, and even call a cab. Airports, train stations, rest stops, and other public transportation platforms are all incorporating digital display boards to enhance the travelers’ experience.

Here are some ways digital signage can help travelers:

  • Provides real-time updates
  • Enhances customer and traveler safety
  • Engages users on traffic alerts, news, and weather updates
  • Delivers location and other geographical information
  • Serves as a “travel guide” to help travelers reach their destination

Many of these digital signage podiums that can be found in commuting locations—such as train stations and airports—are all equipped with touchscreens and barcode scanners. Touchscreens enable users and customers an engaging way to interact with their travel arrangements in a self-service manner.

Digital signage and digital media serves a number of purposes. It’s an effective and engaging way to for customers and users to make, plan, change, and check in with their travel arrangements, saving organizations—and customers—time and money on staff and other resources. This is because digital signage technology such as this will help keep travelers and commuters moving, streamlining any process and making lives easier. The way technology should be.

All in all, regardless of why or how you integrate digital displays in your business or industry, digital signage is a great way to reach and connect with customers, create an innovative self-service method for them, and even advertise. Marketers and businesses can control what is displayed with user-friendly software.

For more information on how you can integrate digital displays in your business, enhance commuters and/or travelers’ experiences or to learn more about how Digital Signage can help your business with digital solutions. We offer free software to manage digital signage technology and control messages to your audience. Find out how easy it is to use today.

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